Situated in the Swiss Alps, two hours south-east of Zurich, lies the resort of Flims Laax – a national treasure that was known only to very few outside of Switzerland itself but is now rising fast up the list of favoured ski resorts.

Best bars in Laax

The Crap Bar

This 24 tonne concrete bad boy Is often the hotspot for Snowboarders and Freestyle skiiers to meet up after sessioning Laax’s famous Super pipe or massive park, it has some great basslines and a generally fun vibe, if you’re looking for some trendier Apres.

The Rock Bar

It’s at the top of the main lift in town the Crap Sogn Gion, and is known for a great gluhwein, cheesy Europop and an amazing view of the the Flims valley, just make sure you leave before it gets dark and the Piste bashers chase you down the mountain!

The Rider’s Palace

A great place to stay as well as having a really uber cool bar that has that wow factor when you walk in, the club also hosts some massive names of all genres of music, just look in advance and buy your tickets before you get to resort!