Ski Fashion from the past 100 years

Ski Fashion has come a long way!

Ski fashion is what we're talking about at the moment. Get excited about your winter holiday with our pick of the best pieces to hit the slopes in... Ski wear is one of the big perks of ski holidays and ski holidays are one of the best things about winter, so let's get excited. Even if snow sports aren't your thing, who can honestly say they don't like jacuzzis, mountain villages and the prospect of a 'vin chaud' at après ski? Thanks to Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum you can enjoy a glimpse into ski fashion from the past 100 years. The clothing is amazing, and so is the music! Oh how times have changed.

Does anything top 80s Ski Fashion?

From snow boots to jackets and onesies, how can you beat the beloved 80's ski fashion era!? See more in this amazing article featuring lots of Royalty!