Sustainability is

We want future generations to enjoy the slopes as much as we do today.

our drive and passion is to bring fun and colour back to the mountains, in an eco-friendly, sustainable way.

Browse the various sustainability initiatives we're implementing at OOSC Clothing.

Organic Cotton Farming


Organic cotton farming

Through organic cotton farming, the land is treated to remove any toxins and sufficient time is given to cleanse the land. Fertilizers and pesticides are not used and the cotton plants are not genetically modified.

The process reduces pollution and water contamination.

Reusing Single Use Plastic Bottles

All of our ski suits, jackets and pants are made with 51% recycled polyester made from plastic bottles.

Even our new swim wear range is made from recycled polyester.

We visited the factories and saw this process from the beginning which we found mind-blowing. And we bet you're also questioning how plastic bottles become ski suits?

Find out more below.

Packaging made using recycled materials

F*ck Plastic


OOSC Tree Planting

Tree Planting


We ship products all over the globe, which in turn gives us a carbon footprint. In order to offset that CO2, we work with our staff to go and plant trees once a quarter, meaning we give back more to the planet more than we take.

Keep an eye on this page for future updates to our sustainability initiatives. If you have any questions about any of the above, feel free to drop us an email.