Updated OOSC Apres Jacket Range

Apres Jackets are here to stay

The Original Oldschool Ski Company are really excited to introduce our new range of Apres jackets. With 6 designs to choose from and more in the pipeline, there's plenty for you and your crew to rock whilst socialising in bars throughout the mountains!

The concept of the Apres jacket was born after years of ruining countless other ski jackets with beer and Jäger, all in the name of Apres. So OOSC present to you our waterproof, Apres-proof solution allowing you and your friends to turn heads and party in style.

Pick up one of our limited designs now before they are gone for good!

Apres Everyday

Apres Jacket Range (Top Row L-R)

Vive La France Saved By The... Limited Edition Yoko Honda

Apres Jacket Range (Bottom Row L-R)

Refresher Ace Mac N Cheese