From Après Ski to White Out - Know your skiing terms!

A list of the most popular skiing terms you need to know. Après Ski – the reason to go skiing! Get yourself a large jug of beer, a few shots and toffee vodka. Your head is going to hurt in the morning as a result but that will be be forgotten the same time tomorrow Bluebird – the best day you could possibly think of. No matter how hard you went last night, getting out of bed will be easy today Dump – a huge 'dump' of snow meaning loads of fresh snow (usually overnight) Freestyle – hitting jumps and having a blast Fresh tracks – you're the first one out, the snow is untouched and you're laying fresh tracks Gnarly – think 'gnarly dude' and you're there. A very laid back way of showing your immense appreciation for another persons riding Lifties – the guys and gals who are in charge of the lifts Moguls – for some a great day out, for others hell; mounds of snow that build as a result of carving Off-Piste – not for all; the areas that aren't maintained by the resort Pow – soft beautiful snow that makes you feel like you're riding on clouds Seasonnaire – the luckiest people on earth, they live in the mountains for months and ride everyday! Look after these lovely folk (they give you chalet wine!) Tartiflette - the second reason you go to the Alps; a potato, reblochon cheese, lardon and onion dish that will warm you and cure your hangover Valley Rally - a day full of laughs and stupid activities e.g. snog a lifty White out – when your viability is low because the snow is falling all around you. This usually happens in December / Jan skiing No go use all these skiing terms - but don't overuse them!