It's Dumping Down In The Alps

Having spent the last 10 days of 2015 scratching over ice and struggling to hold an edge, January 3rd brought the first Bluebird of 2016. Now the white-stuff doesn’t look like stopping bringing Europe the epic snowfall we were desperately waiting for. Dumping In The Alps During this mighty snow-fall we have been out and about in our OOSC ski suits and Après Jackets testing them to the limit in heavy snow and rain; The good news is we were all dry and toasty warm like we were on the slopes in April, just a shame we couldn’t really see too much! Naturally questions were asked and heads were turned when we arrived for some well-deserved Après beers as our vibrant Après jackets and ski suits once again became the centre of the attention. As the snow continues to fall and the hill greets us with a complete whiteout grab your OOSC Après Jacket and hit the bars for some raucous partying in skiwear built for Après! #Après Everyday