Reasons to buy a suit

We are FAMOUS for bringing retro back to the mountains with our iconic ski suits. If you haven’t seen one of our disco inspired designs dashing down the mountains or standing out at Apres then where have you been? And if you haven’t bought one before then now is the perfect time. Haven’t skied in a suit before, especially one that will have you turning heads on the hill then we have some reasons to why you should!



  1. Nostalgia: Retro ski suits can evoke a sense of nostalgia for the bygone eras of skiing. They bring back memories of the vibrant and colourful ski fashion trends of the past, allowing you to celebrate the history and heritage of the sport.


  1. Unique Style: our ski suits showcase bold colours, patterns, and designs that stand out on the slopes. By wearing a retro suit, you can make a fashion statement and differentiate yourself from the crowd. It's a great way to showcase your individuality and personal style.


  1. Conversation Starter: The distinctive look of one of our retro ski suits is guaranteed to catch people's attention. It can serve as a conversation starter and create a friendly and social atmosphere. You might find yourself engaging in conversations with fellow skiers and receiving compliments on your outfit is a given! “WE LOVE YOUR SUIT!” can be heard from every direction when you are flying down the mountain.


  1. Stand Out in Photos: If you love posting your skiing adventures through photographs or videos on social media, a retro ski suit can add a vibrant and eye-catching element to your visuals. It can make your pictures more memorable and unique, creating lasting memories of your ski trips.


  1. Be the Theme: Retro ski suits are not only suitable for skiing but can also be a fantastic choice for themed events. There are thousands of retro inspired events throughout the season and ours are the perfect option for you to show off your style. Who knows, maybe you will find yourself at one of our OOSC events this year…


  1. Rekindle the Spirit: Wearing a retro ski suit can bring a sense of joy and playfulness to your skiing experience. It can help you tap into the carefree and adventurous spirit of skiing, reminding you to have fun and enjoy the slopes.


  1. Functional: Our suits have an abundance of functional features and rider-driven details to keep you comfy, warm, dry and allows you to perform on the slopes.


  1. Sustainable: We are proud to be able to say that ALL of our skiwear is made from Recycled Polyester and each suit is made from at least 50 plastic bottles. Buying one of our ski suits will not only have you looking fly, but you can also contribute to our sustainable initiative and help future generations enjoy the mountains just as much as we do.


Still need convincing, check out our stylish suits here.