Campri Ski Jackets - What Ever Happened To The 80's?

Campri Ski Jackets - 1980s Fashion!

Campri Ski Jackets were all the rage in the mid 80s. With a neon coloured mountain on the back of a dark ski jacket you could be seen for miles. Obviously, they weren't just seen on the slopes but down all the aisles of Shoppers Paradise across the country!

Campri Ski Jackets Inspired OOSC Clothing Designs

Campri Ski Jackets inspired OOSC Ski Gear The Campri Ski Jacket collection, ranging from snow boots to ski jackets, was worn by the rich and famous on the slopes of America and Europe.

The comfortably fitting, breathable and durable jackets, were performance clothing as well as outdoor wear, and would keep you dry and warm no matter what the season.

What ever happened to the Campri Jackets?

Campri Ski Jackets were, for the most part, notoriously bright with really bold designs. During the 70's these jackets were manufactured in a nylon fabric, and featured all kinds of zips and studs. The 80's brought with it bright fluorescent colours and lettering down the sleeves. The bad news is that it seemed these jackets were no longer being manufactured...but fortunately we changed that!

The 1980s revived!

In the 2017 / 18 season, most of our jackets and suits were heavily retro, with a nod to the Campri fashion of the 80's. Our more up-to-date designs are retro-styled, but with a modern twist. Have a look at our ski jacket range, and our ski suit range and see what tickles your fancy!