Pub Mont Forts One Piece Descent 2016

So Here It Is - The One Piece Descent 2016

So far, over 2500 of you lovely party people have voted and out of nowhere, Verbier has stormed its way to be one of the best Après Resort in Europe! This result has finally led to feel that this is the moment to unveil the One Piece Descent 2016 video, where OOSC teamed up with The Pub Mont Fort.

One Piece Descent 2016

Over 300 excited mountain loving extroverts, zipped themselves into an array of tight fitted, retro inspired ski suits and jackets with enough colour to light up Stevie Wonder’s day, and it felt Glorious! Verbier was shrouded in cloud but that didn’t stop us! Like a pack of wild horses, they strapped into their 2 metre-plus skis and tore up the mountain. Like all good days on the hill, the skiing started with some stretches & lunges led by Will King of The Pub, and pretty soon after, the skiing and après became one. Shots all over the place, skiing down stairs and general nakedness combined with some banging 80s beats made for debatably the best day on the snow since Sanka and the Jamaican bob sled team. Anyway, I digress, instead of harping on about it you may as well sit back, grab yourself some pop tarts and nesquik and get your trip to Verbier booked for next season. #OPD2016 #Apreseveryday #OOSC #Pubmontfort

Grab your stash ready for next year!