From Suits to Ski Bums

So, that's a wrap

We've just finished our first event and man was it great fun! It was amazing to see people walking around in our gear and even seeing people in different counties wearing OOSC sweatbands! We have paid the price from our #AprèsEveryday lifestyle now as we are unable to talk but it was worth it as it was a great success which means... OOSC is here to stay!

Suits to ski bums

The response was incredible, from 7 to 70 - our designs brought smiles to everyone's faces! We have sold out of loads of our gear so are currently remanufacturing it all in the next few days so if you're thinking of buying yourself or a loved one a Christmas present please pre-order using the code SANTASCOMING15 (5% off) so we know to tell our elves and can ensure you all get what you want!

Friends from the show

We've met some great people over the past week; Retro Rentals, Snowboxx, The Snow Centre, DOUK Snowboards, Proggle, The Fur Bobble Shop, Retro Mountain, Chemmy Alcott, The Cuban Brothers, Graham Bell and Skiers Edge, Thunder Toffee, Snow Shepherd, Pole Plant, Ski Total, the Flicks family, Pam! and so many more!

The future for OOSC

We've got loads of plans and ideas on the horizon so stay up to date with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! We will be running more competitions so keep checking out what is going on.

Thank You

Finally, we'd like to thank everyone who helped us to do it, friends and family as well as Oli and Chelsea from Telegraph events. OOSC is now officially launched!