3 Reasons Skiing Is Not Only Good For Your Physical Health, But Also Your Mental Health

There is no doubt that the blue skies and picturesque scenery is extremely enjoyable when skiing, and that being out on those slopes all day is a great form of fun exercise. But snow sports offers us even more benefits than we thought… (how is that possible!?)

The mental health benefits of skiing


Yes, you heard right. Après is good for your mental health. Can this get any better? Socialising has been proven to improve your mental health, and what a better way to do it in an easy-going environment where you can meet friends with similar interests and passions (whether that's the actual sport or drinking!) Not only does socialising benefit your mental health, it is proven that it improves cognitive function (perception, memory, learning, attention, decision making, and language abilities), which is something you may need after a few drinks! #APRÈSEVERYDAY


Exercising is a must for physical health, but it should also be a go to for mental health. Beat two birds with one stone! Exercising is scientifically proven to produce endorphins which is known to give off the same feeling of morphine. However, unlike with morphine, the body's endorphins does not lead to addiction or dependence (although we're pretty sure all of us are addicted to the mountains!)

Clearing Your Head

In the hustle and bustle of day to day life, we are constantly overrun with thoughts, tasks and feelings. We sometimes forget to take it back to the basics. Who disagrees that standing and staring at the immense views whilst breathing in that crisp alpine air takes away all your stresses and makes you appreciate the beautiful planet we live on? Exactly :)