Fast Fashion vs. Slow Fashion


We all know that planet Earth needs us now more than ever. To get the environment back on track, everyone needs to do their bit. Statistics show that we use around 40% more resources a year than we can put back into the environment and this needs to change! As a society, the amount the world population are producing daily to sustain our modern lifestyle, is affecting our own survival chances as humans. At OOSC, we want to live in harmony with the natural world around us and we try protecting it from damage and destruction as much as we can.


Fast Fashion is a business model of the fashion industry where as many collections as possible are brought to market in the most short period possible Slow Fashion is a counter-movement, in which attention is paid to a sustainable and conscious approach to fashion
A lot of clothing is bought in a short time. But the purchased items are not worn for long as they quickly go out of fashion. This leads to overconsumption Attention is paid to sustainable consumption, where only what is necessary is bought. Value is placed on environmentally friendly materials and good production.
80% of all clothing is thrown away, only 1% of clothing gets recycled At OOSC we make our suits from 100% recycled polyester and each suit is crafted from 50 plastic bottles. Whilst all of our soft goods are made from organic cotton.
Production typically takes place in less economically developed countries where standards are not respected. As a business, we chose a respectable company to help produce our clothing, who are 'BLUESIGN' approved. This ensures responsible and sustainable manufacturing of textile consumer products. 'BLUESIGN' also provides a safer and more sustainable environment for people to work in.
Our fabrics can eventually return to the ecosystem, once you are done wearing them. A ski suit or ski jacket may cost a little more, but you will have it for longer and it will look good in every season. Plus, you get the satisfaction of helping a solid cause. Sustainability is stylish!