Brighter Ski wear is ALWAYS better, especially when we give away a FREE T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY*!

At OOSC we have a passion about changing ski fashion. Brighter ski wear always wins in our opinion! Why wear something plain and dull on the mountain when you don't have to? Do you really want to wear that same old pastel blue jacket or suit again? Splash out on some retro-inspired brighter ski wear as it will guarantee you a good time on the slopes. Rock the outlandish designs with style and finesse as you cruise down the hill and become the beacon of desire en route to Après.

Be free, express yourself with some brighter ski wear!

Ski wear is now one of the only industries where you can get away with wearing whatever you want. Yes, literally whatever you want. Whether you're in Whistler or La Plagne; Andorra or Austria, you now have the option to style yourself how you want. Break from the mould and feel good about yourself again. Do you know why everyone always looked uber happy in photos from the 80s and 90s? it wasn't because of fancy lift systems or technological advances we love and rely on today, but something much more expressive. It was the one piece ski suits, the crazy hair do's, the fact that you could wear purple, green and yellow on the same outfit and you were the envy of everyone on the mountain! Colourful and bright ski wear was a thing of the past but not anymore! They say retro was cool and funky; they say 'the old times' had attitude. Well...we don't see why it has to stay in the past!

OOSC Brighter Ski Wear

We are inviting you to join something much more than solid blue and black jackets. Get yourself an OOSC Ski Suit or Après Ski Jacket and let it transform your life and ski experience to a place you've never been before; because the idea of being that happy on a ski holiday gave you so many butterflies you felt like you had to run to the loo and sneeze like an excitable penguin. You don't have to conform to the norm anymore and the brighter your ski wear the brighter your life becomes! Fact! Don't you think it's time you went a little off-piste this year with your selection? Flirt with the unknown, tickle your taste-buds, brighten up your ski outfit and brighten up your holiday! Here at OOSC we are passionate about delivering brightly coloured, head-turning ski wear. Our jackets and ski suits are warm, waterproof, breathable but most of all, colourful! Each suit has an inspiring story behind its creation and we are dedicated to keeping our prices as reasonable as possible to give everyone the chance to own some epic apparel!


Because we are just so damn generous we are now offering a FREE T-SHIRT with every order over £100 for the next couple of weeks whilst stocks last! What better way to receive your OOSC brightly coloured ski suit or ski jacket than to receive a free OOSC t-shirt with it!!! Get involved and get your free t-shirt today by clicking on the link below and remember, brighter ski wear is ALWAYS better!