Welcome To The New OOSC Clothing!

We Have Rebranded To OOSC Clothing!

What's Changed?

After 4 years of funky retro designs we have decided to bring ourselves back to 2018 and rebranded from the Original Oldschool Ski Company to just OOSC Clothing. We have a new fresh logo that incorporates both our love the mountains and the sea, inline with our plans for product expansion over the next few years. As you'll have seen from our new swimwear range, we want to deliver the same colourful, head-turning gear to you all year round, not just in the winter. You'll be pleased to hear a slight name change hasn't changed our outlook on style in the mountains. Our range remains style bright, head-turning and has a sprinkle of retro inspiration behind it!

Sustainable Clothing

The other big change we've made in line with the rebrand is a move towards more sustainable clothing. As you'll read on our Recycling & Sustainability page, we believe sustainability is so important to future preservation of our environment, our mountains and ultimately our ski resorts, so we made the decision to overhaul our entire manufacturing process. From this season, all of our technical ski jackets and ski suits are made with 51% recycled polyester made from plastic bottles.

Follow Our Journey!

We're aiming for a big year in 2019, so make sure that you follow us on social media, and feel free to have a look around the new site! Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/oosc_clothing/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ooscclothing Twitter - https://twitter.com/oldschoolski As ever, give us a shout on social using the hashtags #oosc #apreseveryday #skifashion.